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Coveteur celebrates all things fashion, offering a look at luxury lifestyles and celebrity interiors. When Jake Rosenberg and Stephanie Mark founded their media company in 2011, they immediately noticed the relationship between fashion and interior design. For their new office in New York City, they needed a stylish space that was both inspiring and functional. See how it came to life with the help of Z Gallerie.

Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg, Founders
People's homes are just as much a reflection of who they are as their wardrobe choices.
stephanie mark, founder
tell us about coveteur.
Stephanie: Coveteur started as a passion project in 2011. We took the angle of exclusive access to people and spaces we find inspiring. Today, Coveteur is a luxury lifestyle destination where our readers can find everything from fashion and interiors to current events, travel, health & wellness—and more.
how would you define the coveteur reader? how do you think the design of your office reflects her?
Jake: Probably like Stephanie (laughs). When it comes to the design of the office, we looked at the brand as a whole and adapted that to a physical space. When you walk in, it feels like a home that reflects our reader.

Stephanie: Our readership is mostly female, and she is career focused, enjoys travel, and wants her interiors to be just as much a reflection of who she is as her clothing and career choices.

what is the relationship between styling a space and styling an outfit?
Stephanie: We realized early on that people's homes are just as much a reflection of who they are as their wardrobe choices. We've seen so many homes where celebrities showcase mementos of places they've traveled, and they are each so unique and different to the individual, just like someone's personal approach to fashion.

Jake: Stephanie and I have been in hundreds of homes around the world. Even though we did the same process over and over, their interiors were SO different depending on who that person was. That has really helped us take different pieces of different styles to create our own, unique look.
Roberto Sofa, Davis Chair, Duplicity Coffee Table, Alu Accent Table, Century Table Lamp, Mongolian Pillow | GET THE LOOK
stephanie mark, founder
Century Table Lamp, Network Desk Chair, Tic Tac Toe Game | GET THE LOOK
what were your goals for the space?
Stephanie: We wanted to invite people in and have them experience a bit of our world. Bringing Coveteur offline and into the office was a huge goal for us.
why did you decide to partner with z gallerie? what do you love about our products?
Stephanie: As a brand focused on showcasing the best in fashion and style, our office needed to do the same. Z Gallerie was the perfect partner to get us there. Their pieces are so on par with our aesthetic!

Jake: Now when I walk in, I feel like I can shoot anywhere. We all love a comfy sofa, and the Stella rocks our world!
what's your favorite element in the design?
Jake: One space that I love is the reception area. We really wanted it to feel comfortable for both our guests and staff to enjoy, and the cozy sofa and chairs accomplish that.

Stephanie: I love EVERYTHING, but the executive office is my favorite. Jake, Warren, and I travel so often, so when we see each other, we have a lot to get through. Tamara selected a really great sofa (our Stella Sofa) where we can sit and decompress in a relaxed and inspiring environment and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I never want to leave that room.
Network Desk Chair, Concerto Dresser, Emerson Tray, Jagger Vase | GET THE LOOK
what are you looking forward to doing in the new space?
Stephanie: I'm so excited to have meetings in our office instead of running around Manhattan like a crazy person (laughs). Having a space that we're excited to invite people to is HUGE!

Jake: We do SO much content creation now, and we have a lot to work with here. I'm excited to shoot around the office, have talent here, and constantly be creating new for our site.
Z Gallerie brought modern comfort and an understated glamour to the entire space.
tamara eaton, principal designer of tamara eaton design
describe the architecture and character of the space.
In true SoHo fashion, this building is full of gorgeous cast-iron, huge windows, and fantastic steel columns. We really brought the space to a place where it feels like a chic, yet comfortable loft.

how would you describe
the look?
Coveteur is well known for black and white so we created a neutral envelope, and Jake's signature photographs showcases what he does beautifully.

what do you love about
z gallerie pieces?
Z Gallerie brought modern comfort and an understated glamour to the entire space. We really loved pieces like the Roberto Sofa. I also love the leather Davis Chair. It's a beautiful piece that is extremely comfortable and has a stately quality to it.
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